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Revolutionize Your Dental Practice

Say Goodbye to Leads and Hello to Prequalified Implant Patients!

Quickly connect your practice to a system that provides you booked, qualified dental implant patients around the clock. Reclaim your time to focus back on top-quality dental care and leave the patient acquisition to us.

It's time to switch to a system that delivers results - implant patients.

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Close More Single to Full-Arch Cases, Guaranteed

Set up a system that empowers your team to focus on what they do best - providing top-notch dental care. We handle the acquisition of new implant patients for you.

The Implant Patient System educates every potential patient on the benefits of dental implants, sets expectations, pre-qualifies them, and ensures their readiness to begin their treatment journey.

With the Implant Patient System in place, your practice gains a competitive edge by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology and personalized patient care.

Our system not only facilitates patient education but also employs advanced analytics to identify and target potential implant candidates, ensuring a steady influx of qualified leads. By automating patient acquisition, your team can allocate more time and resources to delivering exceptional dental care.

Get Implant Patients, Not Just Leads...

Watch Now: System Walkthrough

See how the Implant Patient System works and learn why the vast majority of marketing agencies are unable to attract new dental implant patients to your practice.

  • Your Next Steps

    Activate Your Implant Patient System Within Your Practice By Following These Simple Next Steps:

    1. Fill out the Request Proposal Form below

    Fill out the Request Proposal Form provided below to initiate the process. Following your submission, we'll email you a link to your proposal and agreement to sign.

    2. Complete The Onboarding

    After signing and submitting the proposal, you will be emailed a link to our onboarding form. Once the onboarding form is complete we'll be able to begin the setup of your system.

  • Pricing


    Set Up Fee (one-time)

    $0 through this month!

  • Full design and set up of entire Implant Patient System.

  • Hiring and training your contact center representative.

  • $250

    Per Pre-qualified Patient Showup


    Per Patient Showup

    Frequently Asked Questions

    + How Does Your System Work?

    Check out the demo video on page! Our precise targeting system identifies people who need dental implants or are searching for a solution for missing teeth based on demographics, behaviors, and location. We quickly place your practice in front of them with the right content at the right time, positioning you as the solution they're looking for.

    + Can I Cancel Anytime?

    Yes, or course! We don't have long-term contracts and everything is month to month.

    + How Much Does My Advertising Budget Needs To Be?

    We require a minimum advertising spend of $80-$140 USD per month to start and depends on the population density and competition in the area. This goes directly to the platforms we use and not to us.

    + What Is The Fee For Every Patient?

    For every patient that shows up for their consultation, we charge $200 and $250 USD per pre-approved patient.

    + Can you just send us the leads and not book them?

    Sure! We can do simply do live phone transfers and let your team take over from there!

    Yes! We guarantee that we'll have at least 20 quality, walk-in consultations within the first 90 days of your campaign going live or your money back, minus any ad spend, no questions asked.

    + How Long Does It Take To Get Results?

    Immediately. Most of our clients get booked appointments the day we turn on their system. Once your system is ready to go and we launch there's no delay or ramp up needed to get your first bookings. Also, our system gets better and better as it learns.

    + How Qualified Are The Patients?

    Highly Qualified. Each lead that comes into our systems goes through a series of vetting steps before we offer to book them a consultation at your practice. This includes the patient demonstrating a dental need that your practice can handle, and pre-qualifying each person financially to make sure they have the resources to begin treatment.

    + How Long Does It Take To Begin?

    Once the proposal is signed and you've completed your onboarding, it takes about 2 weeks to get up and running live.

    + Would Your Work With Other Practices In My Area?

    We only work with one clinic in a 20 mile radius, unless you own multiple practices that you need us to work with.

    + Which 3rd Party Finance Companies Do You Work With?

    We work with all major 3rd party financing companies, including CareCredit, Proceed, Sunbit, Alphaeon, and more.

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